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Climate and Oceans Support Program in the Pacific


Our Aim

Our aim is to enhance the capacity of Pacific Islands to manage and mitigate the impacts of climate variability and tidal events. We work with stakeholders in the Islands to build tools that can forecast and report on climate, tides and the ocean. And work with them to determine how best to communicate this information to communities, businesses and Governments.

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Want to know what the project and team have been up to? Our newsletter has lots of updates on the work being done by COSPPac and our partners.

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Products & Services

We provide a number of products and services, including the Ocean Portal, SCOPIC, Online Climate Outlook Forum (OCOF), Water Storage Outlook Model, tidal information, sea level data, Malaria Early Warning System, Drought Monitoring and Response System, and our Climate Bulletin.

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Traditional Knowledge

Pacific Island communities have a long history of coping with extreme events and climate variability by reading the signs in their natural environment. By combining this traditional knowledge with conventional scientific forecasts we aim to produce a valuable forecast product for improved decision making, risk management and disaster prevention.

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