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Climate and Oceans Support Program in the Pacific

Malaria Early Warning System

Malaria Early Warning System

Malaria Early Warning System

COSPPac, the Vector-Borne Disease Control Program and the Solomon Islands Meteorological Service have developed a malaria monitoring and early warning system based on rainfall, temperature and other environmental data.

The Malaria Transmission Risk Outlook and supporting information can be found on the Solomon Islands Meteorological Services website

The climate-based malaria risk index will help us to understand the relationship between climate and malaria in the Solomon Islands. The risk index is expected to show a direct link between climate variability and changes in malaria incidence.

When combined with seasonal rainfall outlooks, the risk index combined should enable the Solomon Islands Meteorological Service to produce customised forecasts of malaria risk in suitable regions of the country.

This information can then be integrated into the Vector-Borne Disease Control Programs malaria information systems to assist with malaria control efforts.

This pilot project was conducted in the Solomon Islands, in partnership with:

  • Solomon Islands Meteorological Service
  • Solomon Islands Vector-borne Disease Control Program
  • Solomon Islands Ministry of Health
  • Water Resource Division of the Solomon Islands Ministry of Mines and Energy.
  • Solomon Islands Ministry of Lands

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